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8:00am - 1:00pm, 3:00pm - 6:00pm


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Roy True: Dr. Ian Cooke and his team are amazing. He has helped me through back pain caused by multiple hours of driving for work. He and his team are very professional and they make you feel like Family every time you walk in the door
G.R Ribeiro: Best chiro in the business. As a former athlete and now business owner and a father of two I can honestly say he is a chrio for anyone.
Richard Macaluso: Ian is the best. I’ve never been a “true believer”, having been to multiple chiropractors over the years. Yes, my lower back felt better when I walked out, but a day later I never saw any changes. With Dr. Cooke I’ve been converted!
Easy to work with, easy to talk to, never condescending and simple, easy-to-follow recommendations. “As good as it gets.”
Jweeston: Ian Cooke is an amazing Chiropractor, had severe sciatic nerve issues, not anymore! Very knowledgeable, compassionate and extremely professional!!! God bless! 😊🤙🏻🌈
Brad Seaman: an Cooke and the Grow Chiropractic team are phenomenal! I have been seeing Dr. Grow for some time now and always been impressed at how much care he has for his patients. Now that Dr. Cooke is here, I couldn’t be happier. The time they spend getting to the root of the problem has been great! Wonderful recommendations and I truly love coming to the office. Great work guys!
Mo Rasheed: Cooke Chio are very good at what they do. Whenever they adjust me they make sure that they explain to me what is going on that is causing my pain and aches and then do their magical adjustments to heal that area. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is seeking pain relief.
Laura Macauley: I had a great experience with the entire staff at Grow Chiropractic in San Diego. They are all so friendly and know their stuff!
Amber Heaton:  The best of the best.
77 reviews
Ryan S: New client…so far really happy with the service and care. Already feeling so much better than when I first came!
Scott S Poway: I have been to a half dozen or so chiropractors in my last 15 years. Dr. Cooke is by far and away the best of the bunch. His understanding of the muscular as well as skeletal structures of the human body and how they are tied together are extraordinarily beneficial to the patient. I am an avid sports enthusiast and Dr. Cooke has helped me keep on a good path. I would highly recommend him.

ILyssa Renee M San Diego: Here’s another powerlifter pick; Cooke Chiropractic for my back crackin’ needs! All jokes aside, the work that Dr. Cooke and team do really works wonders. I was referred by a family member who shares the same growing pains as I do. When I first walked in, the office was clean and wonderfully decorated. The receptionist greeted me warmly and I was seen by Dr. Cooke promptly. Here’s the awesome part though;

He specializes in fixing broken powerlifters like me! He asked me a few questions to help understand where my pains lie; what my deadlifting stance was, how long I’ve been competing, etc. Once he did the back-cracking thing, some obscenities were shouted in which I apologize for any other patients visiting – turns out my spine was so compressed after all the weight-lifting I’ve been doing! Instantly I felt lighter and somewhat taller hehe. To top it all off, Erica was able to massage through some of the rough spots that I couldn’t reach with my foam roller. Man it hurt by it felt GOOD. Thanks to them, my subsequent gym sessions never felt better!

All the staff is knowledgeable, warm, and they really know how to make you feel comfortable. Bottom line; Cooke Chiropractic was the best thing I never knew I needed. I will be back!

Deya R San Diego: Dr. Cooke is the best! My husband suffers from chronic lower back pain and when it flares up, it’s terrible. He can’t walk straight and experiences a lot of pain even when seated. One of the things that helps him is a good chiropractic adjustment. We just moved to the area so we weren’t sure whom to go to. After a few trail and errors, we finally met Dr. Cooke. He was patient, detail oriented and took the time to explain every adjustment he was doing.

Yet another bonus quality – excellent medical bedside manners. Didn’t have an arrogant air about him where he made you feel inferior. In fact he was chatting with me (not the patient) to just lighten the air.

Before this experience, I had never considered a chiropractic adjustment but you bet I’ll be going to Dr. Cooke now.

Nelo M San Diego: First time ever coming to a chiropractor and I was super nervous! Dr Cooke explained all my problems to me and walked me through different things I could do to relieve tension in my back and muscles
Cracked my back 9 ways to Sunday and I was shocked! Def coming back to him!
Dan D San Diego: Dr. Cooke is an excellent chiropractor.  He takes the time to understand the issue, carefully makes an adjustment and then provides exercises to help keep you healthy.  What I like most about his approach is that he takes time to understand your ailment and he doesn’t try to set you up for a billion follow up appointments.  He is very honest and cares about the well being of each patient.  I highly recommend his care.
LP Escondido: Dr. Cooke is awesome. I’ve been to many chiropractors over the years and after seeing one time, I’ll go to no one else. He’s knowledgeable, thorough and leaves me feeling better every time. On top of this, he’s geared toward rehabbing you for the long term. I’m a big fan!
Natalie P. San Diego: Can’t say enough about Dr Cooke he is awesome so glad I found his office through Yelp. Brittany is also a miracle worker with her acupuncture.  I had a really bad headache for 10 days, Sharp urgent care Dr. couldn’t help.  First session with Brittany and headache was gone.
MaryAnn c San Diego: I don’t know why I haven’t made a review but Dr. Cooke is a miracle worker! I was in an accident  many years ago and fractured my shoulder and shoulder blades. I could not raise my arms up or lift anything over 5lbs. Plus, constantly having shooting pains from my shoulder down my back. My upper neck was so messed up that I could not look down or turn my head left. After 1 visit with Dr. Cook, I felt a difference! After 3 visits, I could look down and left. I think it has been about 1-2 years since I’ve seen him and I rarely have pain! He definitely knows what he’s doing and I like the fact that he’s a sports chiropractor because he gives me tips when lifting. I’ve probably recommended like 10 people to him and they have felt the same. HIGHLY RECOMMEND and his staff is amazing! They also offer massages, acupuncture, and cupping which is amazing as well.

Cooke Chiropractic work with people of all ages and from all walks of life. We want to help you take control of your well-being and educate you on how to live pain-free. We accept most insurances and have affordable cash prices.

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